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At Steel Bay Designs, our mission is not just to create beautiful spaces - we aspire to find a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality while keeping a healthy return on investment in mind. Unlike magazine covers, we live in our homes, so our homes must work with our lifestyle. Through the use of strategic, thoughtful and effortlessly curated design, you’ll wonder how you’ve managed to survive this long without us.

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Alexandra Kurjakovic is the founder and creative force behind Steel Bay Designs. With a dual degree in Architectural Preservation & Studio Arts, and over 15-years of experience in interior design, construction, & real estate, she has made it her life’s mission to help bridge the gap between what is and what could be by creating multidimensional spaces that seamlessly combine aesthetics with functionality. She believes there is an intangible value that is inherent in really good design, and that it’s only successful when design does not limit use, it enhances it. 

Leveraging her real estate license, Alexandra's specialty is identifying where her clients should spend their money to get the highest and best return on their investment (ROI). She works with investors, home sellers, home buyers & homeowners — advising sellers on design strategies for home sale, consulting buyers on improvements for their home purchase, and guiding homeowners through the design & construction process.

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